Material Safety Data Sheets
Common Household Products


Most consumer products are not required by law to list their ingredients on the package label.  Those that are required to provide a list don't always make clear all the symtoms or health effects related to their hazardous ingredients. This omission often lulls consumers into believing that products they use around their home do not pose any real threat to health.

To understand why it is important to know what is in the products you use, please read our article "Making informed decisions: why it is important to know what's in the products you use." (Use your browser's back button to return to this page)

The MSDS project is an effort to make public both the ingredients and the associated health effects related to common consumer products.  We don't intend to frighten the reader, simply to provide the substance necessary for the consumer to make an informed decision regarding the use of these products.

The MSDS for each product listed below can be found by clicking on the name.  Further information on some of the individual ingredients can be accessed by clicking the hyperlinked name of the specific chemical within the body of the MSDS.

We currently have 52 MSDSs and 19 chemical factsheets on this website.  Our goal is to add more than 50 additional chemical factsheets within the next few months.

Disclaimer: This selection of MSDSs is not intended to single out any one company or product; instead, these manufacturers should be lauded for making this information available to the public.  Not all manufacturers are as forthcoming with their ingredient lists as the companies represented on this site.  Additionally, some of these MSDSs date back a number of years, and therefore it is difficult to know if they actually represent current formulations of the listed product.



Household Cleaning Products

  • Bounce Fabric Softener
  • Brasso - Multipurpose Metal Polish
  • Carpet Science-Spot & Stain Remover
  • Cascade(Automatic Dishwashing Detergent)
  • Cascade Liquigel
  • Clorox 2 Bleach
  • Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner (Aerosol)
  • Endust Cloth & Mop Spray Aerosol - Furniture Polish
  • Floral Disinfectant
  • Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner
  • Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner - Detergent, General Purpose
  • J A Wright -- Silver Cream - Polish, Metal
  • Kiwi Brands -- Shoe Polish
  • Lift (Spot/Stain & Odor Remover)
  • Liquid Tide With Bleach Alternative
  • Lysol ® Brand Disinfectant Spray
  • Old English Lemon Cream Furniture Polish
  • Para Moth Killer Nuggets
  • Pine-Sol Brand Cleaner
  • Scotchgard™ Brand Carpet Protector
  • Scotchgard™ Brand Fabric Protector 
  • Scotchgard™ Brand Protector For Fabrics (Aerosol)
  • Scotchgard™ Fabric Cleaner
  • Shout Carpet Science Aerosol
  • Silver Metal Polish
  • Weiman Royal Sterling Silver Polish
  • Windex Glass Cleaner Powerized Formula

    Home Maintenance And Office Products

  • Benjamin Moore & Co. Benwood Interior Wood Finishes Polyurethane Stain
  • Benjamin Moore & Co. Moorwood Deck Stain
  • Dutch Boy Paint - Fresh Look Interior Latex
  • Dutch Boy Paint - Fresh Look Interior Latex Semi-Gloss
  • Glidden Paint Camouflage Earth Brown Spray Paint
  • Krylon Glossy Black Spray Paint
  • Markel Sharpie #15 Permanent Ink Marker
  • Minwax Company Wood Stain
  • Permatex® All Purpose Spray Adhesive
  • Sherwin-Williams Co. Fluorescent Spray Paint
  • Thompson's Water Seal, Waterproofing Formula

    Automotive Products

  • Armor All Protectant
  • Armor All Tire Black
  • Carb-Medic Carburator Choke And Valve Cleaner
  • Carburator & Choke Cleaner Spray
  • Champion Spark Plug Engine Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Rain Dance Liquid Car Wax
  • Valvoline Carburator & Choke Cleaner

    Personal Care Products

  • Crescendo Hair Color
  • European Secrets Nail Lacquer
  • Matrix Essentials -- Spritzes And Styling Aids
  • Nail Lacquer
  • Nexxus Firm Hold Hair Spray-Aerosol
  • Tresemme 4+4 Styling Spritz
  • Wella Color Charm Liquid Creme Hair Color

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