Make the Connection: Household products and their health effects

"Make the Connection: Health & Environment" is a 3-booklet series originally published in 1997. Each booklet is now available online here in PDF format, which requires ADOBE Acrobat reader to view. These booklets are in the process of being updated, with new versions expected to be completed some time in 2003. Thank you for visiting our site.

Volume 1(Read)
(Updated 11/04/02)
Learn about the health effects associated with products commonly used around the home, including cleaners, home maintenance products, personal care products, and art and office supplies. Take a household toxics tour and learn how to replace most products with less toxic alternatives made from ingredients you find in your own pantry.

Volume 2(Read)
(Updated 11/04/02) Learn about the health effects associated with the active ingredients in pesticide products sold for use around the home. Includes Health Hazard Profiles for 24 of the most common active pesticide ingredients in products designed for use by home consumers, and an extensive chemical cross reference index.

Volume 3(Read)
(Updated 11/04/02)
Use the included recipes and suggestions to control pests naturally.

The MSDS Project(Go There Now)
The MSDS Project is a collection of Material Safety Data Sheets for common household products, hyperlinked to supplemental information on the individual ingredients in the products.  Currently the collection includes 52 products, and factsheets for 19 chemical ingredients.
Consumer Product Safety Laws:

Last updated 11/11/02

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