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Health & Environment Resource Center

If you suffer from chronic headaches, migraines, asthma, allergies, chronic sinus stuffiness, joint pain, chronic fatigue, or any of a number of other vague symptoms and your doctor can not find a medical cause, your environment may be the culpret.  Homes, schools, workplaces, and shopping centers -- virtually any indoor environment -- can all harbor chemical and biological pollutants that can lead to chronic health complaints.  Understanding your environment and the factors that can lead to symptoms can be your first step toward living a healthier life.

This website is intended for anybody who suffers from chronic health problems, as well as anybody interested in protecting their health or the health of their children and family members.  Information within these pages includes articles and reports, steps to create a less toxic environment for you and your family, personal and professional resources for information, and personal experiences.  Information is updated regularly, so check back often.

Make the Connection: Health & Environment
Interested in learning more about your health and how it is affected by consumer products? Want to know what chemicals are actually in the products you use and their potential health effects? Looking for ways to make your home safer without sacrificing cleanliness or convenience? Wondering why you should even be concerned?  Visit this section and get the information you need to 'make the connection.' 

Message Boards
Connect with other people interested in environmental health issues.  On the HealthE message board you will find information on various environmental health issues, reflecting the content of the mailing list.  On the Illnet message board you will find information on coping with environmental illness, including resources for alternative products, articles, and other information reflecting the content of the Chemical-Illnet mailing list.

Read articles on the complex subject of environment and health written for the consumer by H&ERC Executive Director, Andrea DesJardins.

Find information on Environmental Health issues.  Resources available include medical journal abstracts on the relationship between environment and health, articles published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and other sources, links to other environmental health information sources, and other information goldmines.

H&ERC Information
The non-profit Health & Environment Resource Center was created in 1997 by Earth Angels Association, Inc. as a source of information for people seeking to learn more about the relationship between the environment and human health.  Visit our home page and learn more about H&ERC, Earth Angels Association, our mission, our goals and our programs. 

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