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This premiere Resource Center was established as a volunteer, non-profit
community service. List started up January 15, 1997.

1) Educate the general public about potential environmental threats to
physical, emotional, and psychological health and well-being. Present
information on ways to recognize environmental factors that may already be
causing health problems or that may lead to future ones. Discuss the effects
of environmental exposures (from chemical pollutants to indoor air quality
and sick school/building syndrome), along with basic information regarding
the potential human health impact of radiation, magnetic fields, and
genetically engineered food products.

2) Develop management strategies to reduce the health risks and stay healthy
in an increasingly toxic world. Areas of consideration will include
lifestyle and dietary changes, exercise, conventional medicine, holistic
healing, and alternative/complementary medicine. Step-wise programs of
reasonable changes, starting with the individual and proceeding to community
and global issues.

3) Work together with medical, scientific, legal, and industrial communities
and media towards finding solutions to prevent environmentally caused health
problems for the individual; as well as considerations regarding the
development of worldwide safeguards to protect our air, water, and other
valuable resources.

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