This is what I have in my "library" so far.

Please don't request more than three articles at a time.

*ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) Overview
*Advocacy Skills: How to Get What You Need
*Anesthesia and CFIDS/MCS
*Carpet and furniture resources (incomplete)
*CDC Diagnostic Criteria for CFIDS as of 1999
*CFS books and cookbooks
*CFIDS and MCS: What's the Connection?
*CFIDS Fact Sheet (basic overview of cfs and cfs resources)
*CFIDS: Incidence & Physical Findings (Lecture by Dr. Cheney 2/99)
*CFIDS Resources for PWCs in England
*Computer Access For Individuals With MCS
*Consensus Defintion of MCS (1999)
*Continuing Disability Review (When SSA Reviews Your Benefits)
* Corporate Manipulation of Scientific Evidence Linking Chemical Exposures
to Human Disease: A Case in Point -- Cigarette Science at Johns Hopkins
*"Code of Behavior for Patients" (Humor!)
*The Disability News Service, Inc.
*Fabric Softener Facts
*Fibromyalgia Resources (Expanded - w/more on-line resources)
*Fibromyalgia Chat Transcript of MCS Speaker and Q & A on MCS
*Flea and Tick Solutions
*Health Risks of 20 Common Chemicals in 31 Fragrance Products
*Heavy-Duty Cleaning/Deodorizing Tips
*Home Hunting Tips For People With MCS
*How to Live With Others (when you have chronic pain/illness)
*How to Lobby
*Info & Resources for newly sick or recently (or not yet) diagnosed
*Info on GreenClips (articles on green architecture)
*Info on EPD (Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization, a treatment)
*Introduction To MCS-Accessible Home Building and Design
*Lodgings for MCS Travelers
*Making Yourself MCS-Accessible (Info to educate friends, family, co-workers)
*Massachusetts Resources for People w/CFIDS, MCS, and/or FMS
*MCS-Accessible Travel Loding Design (& "ADA & MCS-Accessible Travel Loding Design")
*MCS -- A Brief Overview
*MCS Basic Fact Sheet
*MCS Books ***Your Recommendations!****
*MCS FAQ (frequently asked questions) by ILRU
*MCS Resources (National MCS Organizations)
*MCS Product Info (Good Mail-Order Resources)
*MCS on T.V. and Video
*Media and Government Contacts
*Mold - health alert; mold in new housing
*A New Disease Mechanism? (good, basic article on MCS)
*"No Perfume Means Healthier Air" & "Making Sense of Scents"
*Nat'l Org'zat'n on Disability Frequently Asked Disability Questions
*National & International Disability Rights Organizations
*Natural Gas - A Dangerous Sensitizer and Cause of Injury
*Overlapping Disorders: CFS, FMS, MCS, and GWS
*On-Line Resources for CFIDS, MCS & related conditions + AOL CFIDS/FMS Chats
*Online sources for support, resources, etc. *New! Updated!*
*Paints, sealants, adhesives, etc., that are MCS safer
*Pesticide Info Resources
*Plants that Clean the Air
*Reasonable Accommodations
*Recogntion of MCS (Gov't, Nat'l & Int'l orgs that recognize MCS)
*Responding to Fragrance Assaults: Activist Menu
*Rus' Disability Resource List (cross-disability resources; long)
*Safer sex information and products for people with MCS
*Sick School Syndrome, MCS, & Children's Environments
*Sunblocks (MCS-Safer)
*Suicide Prevention Hotlines by State (U.S.) and Samaritans On-Line Support
*SSA Info (Getting SSI/SSDI w/ CFIDS/MCS)
*SSA Ruling of 4/99 regarding CFIDS as medically determinable impairment
*"So You Know a Dyke with CFS. . . "
*Travel article & tips for travelers w/disabilities (esp. MCS & CFS)
*Why Are We Asking You Not to Wear Scents to this Event? (general education about what to do to attend an MCS-safer event)

For any of the above articles, contact

For a copy of the article "How to Provide Safer Space for People with MCS/EI" contact (This is an excellent guide for use by churches, schools and other institutions, conference planners, etc.)

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I know many of us are living hand-to-mouth and cannot make any donation. We all deserve help and we all contribute in whatever ways we can.

But for those who can spare it, any amount is appreciated! :-) EHCWM provides life-saving info, support, and advocacy to people with MCS in Western MA; they are currently operating at a debt. Thank you very much. :-) Make checks payable to EHCWM; EHCWM, P.O. Box 614, Leverett, MA 01054.

REMEMBER: Documents from the MCS/CFIDS "Library" are provided as a service by SWachsler and MCS Chat Group for informational or entertainment purposes only. No document is intended to take the place of medical, legal, or other professional advice. You are urged to always check references and do your own research on any product, company, treatment, or service mentioned therein. The opinions contained in a document are those of the author(s) and do not represent the opinions of SWachsler, RDFont, or the MCS Chat Group.

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*Environmentally Safer Alternatives to Air Freshener
*Environmentally Safer Laundry/De-smellifying clothing
*Environmentally Safer Basic Construction
*Environmentally Safer Cleaning
*Environmentally Safer Living and Disability Access (good intro article for friends, family, on MCS & general disability awareness)
*Environmentally Safer Home Repair
*Environmmentally Safer Living: Sinus and Ear Infections
*Environmentally Safer Personal Care Products
*Environmentally Safer Sex and Birth Control
*More Affordable Computer Box
*Travel Trailer as MCS-Safer Living Space

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